I don’t just cook, I teach too! I spent five years working for the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine and draw on this experience to help my clients and their families. If you wish to improve your own cooking skills, I can help you.

I am currently teaching for the Burrow Family club, a great new educational club in Edinburgh. http://www.theburrowfamilyclub.com. We teach 2-5 year old children with their parents. It is hands on and is teaching children new tastes and textures. Please do get in touch if you are interested.

I also teach:

First-time cook

University survival course

Game and poultry


Bread-making and baking

Dinner party planning – I can come to your house and teach you while you cook for friends.

All these services – and many more – can be tailored to your specific requirements. Every client is unique and so are the services I offer.


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