Let’s Cook.

Last week I had the joy of teaching for a day at Let’s Cook Scotland in Abernethy. A wonderful location. It is a small independently run school by the talented Sarah Mellersh .

I was asked to teach 3 lovely women who were all there doing a two week cooking course. They had different reasons for learning more about cooking, were enthusiastic about food and wanted to learn as much as they could.

We cooked:

Sea Bass pan fried and En papiotte with 3 different sauces. Lemon Beurre blanc, white wine and Thyme, and brown butter and caper sauce. The former is one of my favourites, so quick and easy. You can find the recipe on my website.

Mussels with white wine, shallots and parsley and a French country loaf to mop up the juices. 

Langoustine ( boiled in salty water) . Simple and delicious. ( eaten too quick for a photo.)

It was a day of good food, good techniques, laughter and learning. What else could you ask for ? 

If you want to learn a few new cooking skills and techniques have a look at http://www.letscookscotland.co.uk . A great place, great atmosphere and lovely small classes. If you are looking something more personal , I offered a bespoke service so plaease get in touch. 

Happy Thursday! 


Sticky Pork Belly….

Saturday night and a 50th Birthday party in the wonderful Studio 93 in the West end of Glasgow. A colourful and spring like menu of Sticky Pork Salad with mango and cucumber and an Asian dressing:

A lovely colourful pomegranate and fennel slaw:

Pickled cucumbers and beetroot with flatbreads.

Devoured and enjoyed in this wonderful kitchen .

With Hugh and Jemima hard at work.

Followed by desserts of Lemon Possets and Banoffee pies.

That will do.