Guiness and Soda Bread

Last time I updated this blog, I wrote about the teaching I do with kids with The Burrow Family Club. . As I said then I cook and teach for many different events and occasions. Yesterday I cooked lunch for St Patricks day for the wonderful people of Whitespace Design Agency in Edinburgh.

I was asked for a simple lunch, for 80. Of course it had involve Guiness and Soda Bread.A little bit of a cliche maybe but I had some fun. Potato and Guiness soup, Cheese and Thyme soda bread, Plain soda bread and Chilli and spring onion soda bead ( recipe on the website) To finish off I laid out bowls of chopped herbs, crispy pancetta, chilli flakes and grated cheese . I had some very happy customers. Nothing like a hint of Guiness in a soup at lunchtime to keep everyone happy.


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