Cooking with kids

In between recreating the Great Eliza Leslie recipes, I do many forms of cooking. I cook for nutritional purposes, I do office lunches , I cook for dinner parties and I also teach. I taught at The Edinburgh School of Wine for 3 years and I have trained in teaching adults, but for the moment I am teaching 2-5 year olds’ ( and their mothers) for  a course with I started this week and I am teaching a 5 week course over a few mornings and afternoons. Food is so important to understand from a young age as is the basics of cooking. It can also be a really fun afternoon for those with small kids on a rainy day, and from what I can gather small children love to eat anything that they have been involved in making.

This Week the children at the Burrow Club and I have been making Scotch eggs – simply and messily, along with little Apple Moneybags. I am amazed I managed to hold their attention, but its amazing what fun it can be to wrap a boiled egg in sausage meat, dip it in milk and cover in breadcrumbs.

It also makes for a fun birthday party…… Next week we begin again….20160219_152140



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